Age management programs are an excellent treatment option for patients beginning to experience declines in energy, mood, and fitness as the result of getting older. These programs begin with a comprehensive evaluation of the health of each individual patient. Using this evaluation, customized hormone replacement, diet, and exercise plans are created.

In addition to these components of the age management programs, specific pharmaceutical-grade vitamins are also recommended for patients based on their unique nutrient and vitamin deficiencies. These vitamins are a vital part of successful age management because they help nourish and restore the body in ways that the other components of age management simply can’t.

What are Pharmaceutical-Grade Vitamins?

Pharmaceutical-grade vitamins are vitamins created using compounds and ingredients that have met strict standards for purity and processing conditions. These vitamins are often referred to as “nutraceuticals.” These oral vitamins can be used to correct any of the broad variety of nutrient deficiencies that patients begin to suffer from more severely as they get older. Ample amounts of scientific evidence show that these deficiencies can increase how likely a person is to develop a wide variety of diseases and medical conditions. By correcting these deficiencies quickly and precisely, patients can improve their overall quality of life while actually extending it in the process.

What Part do Pharmaceutical-Grade Vitamins Play in Age Management Programs?

At Age Management Center, our age management programs center around restoring each patient’s body to an optimal state. This is done using a combination of hormone replacement therapy and modifications to diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices, all implemented with the goal of improving the way that the body’s systems function together.

But all of these measures together cannot tackle one of the most fundamental causes of the negative impacts of aging — vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. Pharmaceutical-grade vitamins are a vital part of these measures to increase overall health and wellness because they help address deficiencies when they cannot be adequately compensated for with diet changes alone.

In addition to addressing vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins can also help patients consume healing vitamin and nutrients that they probably would not ingest otherwise. These can help promote overall health and wellness.

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