I spent the 4th of July whitewater rafting on the Kennebec River. A few moments of that trip turned into a harrowing experience that I’ll never forget.

As instructed by our guides, I had my feet wedged under the inflated seat in front of me for stability. It was all going smoothly until we reached the point that locals call “Big Mama”. In an instant, I was thrown out of the boat—while my right foot tried to stay in the boat. The shock of being tossed overboard was quickly replaced with horrific pain in my right knee, which had been twisted and popped as the rest of my body hit the water.

Fast-forward two weeks… I needed a cane, I was using a knee brace and I decided to get an MRI. This revealed torn cartilage, pre-existing arthritis, and degenerative changes in my joint, which is common in a 70-year-old former athlete. My doctor recommended surgery.But surgery is not always the answer. In fact, four weeks ago I received one injection of fetal-derived Human Tissue Products. These products are commonly referred to as “Stem Cells”, but that term is quickly being replaced given the rapid growth and advancement of Regenerative Medicine.

I have been treating patients with these products for two years, seeing excellent and in some cases, amazing results. But aside from using these products as a wellness and longevity treatment via IV, I hadn’t needed them to treat a personal injury. Until now.

Two days after the injection in my knee, the cane was gone. After 10 days, the brace, swelling, and pain were gone. Plus, my knee stopped “giving out”. I had fallen unexpectedly several times, once in Foley’s Fitness Center when I was walking between machines. It was a painful and embarrassing event—but falling in other, more secluded situations can lead to some serious health threats.

Today, I can’t even tell I had an injury, and I can trust my knee again as if my unexpected dip in the Kennebec never happened.

I am used to seeing great results with these treatments for joint pain and arthritis, along with related injuries to knees, shoulders, hips, wrists, ankles, and fingers. That includes patients who have simply outlived their own cartilage despite everything they do to stay healthy and active. The results aren’t the same for everyone. They don’t always have such dramatic positive effects for recipients. In rare cases, it may have no effect. But, for a painless, 10-minute procedure performed under ultrasound guidance, for me, it was worth it. I had no surgery, no downtime, and no adverse reaction.

Human Tissue Products, including Stem Cells, Exosomes, and even PRP (platelet-rich plasma), have been successfully and safely used for many years. Aside from the orthopedic conditions we commonly treat, physicians are using these treatments for a wide array of common metabolic and degenerative conditions as well.

I am sharing this message because placental-derived Human Tissue Products (Stem Cells) may have the ability to change someone’s life for the better. For anyone interested in more information, I have a short webinar available that also includes a few other real patient testimonials, aside from my own. Our initial consultation is free. So why not find out if you or a suffering family member could get the same relief that I have now personally experienced?

Michael Bedecs, DO