Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition Program

Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition Program in Portland, ME

Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and this is not a one-size-fits-all program. This program is aimed at supporting patients’ individual diet, fitness and weight loss goals with customized nutrition plans that incorporate important topics like aging, fitness and weight loss. Losing weight and maintaining one’s optimal weight is a challenge for many and that’s why we are by your side every step of the way. With our advanced tools, extensive knowledge, and high-quality supplements, we are confident that you will see and feel incredible results.

Take back your body and take back the life you had planned for yourself.

The Providers

This program is led by our nutrition and fitness expert, Kelsey Doyle, MA, FNS, WLS. Kelsey works with each of our patients individually throughout the program, guiding them toward their lifestyle and wellness goals. Kelsey has a long history in and passion for men and women’s health and works one-on-one with clients to address their specific body types, wellness concerns and health aspirations.

In addition to Kelsey’s nutritional guidance, Healthy Lifestyle Program participants undergo a comprehensive screening so that our specialists can review the patients’ lab work and determine if there are markers that indicate whether certain dietary changes or supplements may be necessary for success.

The Process

Initial Screening

During a complimentary initial screening, patients will sit down with our Health Coach, Kelsey, to discuss their goals, current habits and program expectations. During this time, our team will order lab work and schedule a time for the patient to get the labs drawn.

Lab Review 

The next appointment will entail a comprehensive review of your lab work to determine what supplements may be beneficial to help you reach your goals. The lab work also serves as a basis for an informed discussion on gut health, food sensitives, hormonal imbalances and other related indicators that may be impeding your weight management. Next, you will meet with Kelsey for an overall introduction to the nutrition program, receive customized information to get you started, and to set goals for your health journey!

7-Day Detox 

To establish a baseline for the program, we encourage all patients to participate in a 7-Day Detox before beginning a nutrition program. The Detox Kit is included in the price of the program and will be given during the lab review and kick-off appointment.

Program Bundles and Process

The Age Management Center offers a suite of therapies for both men and women to help clients feel their best. Our Healthy Lifestyle Programs can be purchased in bundles:

  • 12-Week Program
  • 8-Week Program
  • 6-Week Program
  • 4-Week Program

Each program is highly individualized. The basic program gives you access to weekly visits with Kelsey, as well as weekly Vitamin B12 shots. That may be all that you need to meet your personal goals.

Depending on your history, lab results and wellness goals, additional techniques and treatments may be selected a la cart and incorporated into your program. Treatments and products to supplement your program may include prescription medications, supplements and other trusted therapies. Clients also have access to other services such as anti-aging therapies, bio-identical hormone replacement, leading appetite suppressants for those that qualify as well as a host of regenerative medicine treatments. These are effective, powerful tools—especially when combined with ongoing wellness monitoring—and are available to you today.

All Healthy Lifestyle Program participants have unlimited access to personal support between visits via email, text, phone and through our Health App.

Everybody is different, so why shouldn’t your nutrition plan be unique to you? Give us a call to learn more about our individualized approach to living a healthy lifestyle.


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