Stem Cell Exosome Therapy for Hair Restoration

No matter your gender or age, hair loss can be difficult to address without access to professional treatments. At Age Management Center of New England, we offer advanced hai r restoration treatments that can help you slow and even reverse hair loss. These treatments are available to the residents of Portland and Falmouth, ME.

We’re proud to offer a new treatment for men and women
interested in hair restoration and regaining their self confidence!

Stem Cell Exosome Therapy for Hair Restoration in Portland, ME


Hair loss can happen to both men and women at any age, but typically occurs between the ages of 25-65. If you suffer from hair loss, it can be devastating and can cause you to have low self-esteem. If you’ve tried multiple “over the counter” treatments that just don’t seem to work, we can help. At the Age Management Center, we are proud to announce we now have a menu of treatment options for hair restoration that will re-gain your self confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is hair restoration?

We offer a variety of treatments for men and women who are experiencing certain types of hair loss or thinning, known as male and female pattern baldness. These advanced treatments in regenerative medicine help regrow the hair follicles and help our patients look and feel their best. Depending on your specific condition, our providers may recommend topical medicine, laser light-therapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma injections) alone, or in combination with, Stem Cell Exosome Therapy.

Why do men and women lose hair?

There are many different factors as to why men and women lose their hair or develop baldness. This can be a result from genetics, an auto-immune disease, reduced blood flow to the follicles, and/or inflammation. When inflammation occurs in the body, it can often reduce or stop the natural growth process of the hair.

How do Stem Cells Exosomes help hair restoration?

Stem Cells and Exosomes help rejuvenate and “wake up” those hair follicles that have slowed down their ability to grow hair. After the treatment, hair follicles are expected to restart their natural growing process.

What is the process while using Stem Cell Exosomes for hair restoration?

We first begin by cleaning the area that will be treated. Secondly, we prepare the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) by drawing your own blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets, your own stem cells, from the red blood cells. The PRP can be injected by itself or in combination with a donor Stem Cells Exosomes. When using the combination of both, the PRP acts as a “scaffold” to help hold the Exosomes in place and enhance the effectiveness of the Exosomes. While the PRP will provide acceptable results for many, the combination of PRP and the Exosomes provide a far more effective means of stimulating the follicles.

If you’re suffering from hair loss and interested in hair restoration, contact us  to schedule your free screening today!

To get started with hair restoration or determine if these treatments are a good fit for you, contact us today at Age Management Center of New England. We proudly offer hair restoration services to the men and women living in and around Falmouth and Portland, Maine.






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