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Vitamins, Supplements & Nutraceuticals at Age Management Center

At the Age Management Center, we are committed to helping patients navigate the complex and often overwhelming world of vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals to bring you products we know and trust. We look for high bioavailability, minimal added ingredients that aren’t absolutely necessary for the compound, and a laboratory we have experience working with. 

We trust these products, we use these products, and as a result, these are the products we recommend. 

We offer an array of vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals in oral and injectable forms in order to support patient health and wellness. From AminoBlend to Zinc – and dozens in between.

To learn more about our oral and injectable vitamins, including Injectable Vitamin B12, call or text our office at (207) 774-1356.

These products are available for sale in our office and many can be shipped to patients directly along with other medications that might be part of their wellness program.

Most of our vitamins are available for sale to non-patients as well, so if you have family or friends that still stroll the aisle at the local pharmacy or grocery store, trying to decipher between the 15 options for Vitamin D, we’re here to help! These can be purchased over the phone, via text or in our office at 1945 Congress St., Building C, in Portland.