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What Can I Do If I Can’t Use Hormones?

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What Can I Do If I Can’t Use Hormones?

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Are you experiencing hormonal symptoms but are not a candidate for hormone replacement therapy?

Have you been through cancer treatment and are experiencing decreased intimacy and/or post treatment discomfort?

You do not have to live with the pain and discomfort that can come from treatment therapies – there are non-hormonal options available to heal and regenerate tissue that has been affected! These options can help restore comfort and intimacy in your life again.

Many women experience hormonal symptoms yet may not be able to utilize hormone replacement therapies due to risk factors such as family history, personal history and hormone related cancers and illness. This can greatly affect comfort, intimacy and even urinary health. The great news is… You don’t have to live this way!

Below are a few options we offer at Age Management Center of New England for those who may not be candidates for traditional hormone replacement therapy:

  • Viveve is a non-surgical treatment option to help increase collagen in the pelvic area. This one-time treatment is a quick, in-office treatment with little to no down time or discomfort. A small wand is used to deliver a heat technology which is simultaneously cooled to increase collagen, and prevent discomfort during treatment. After the treatment, many women experience an improvement in both urinary and sexual symptoms!
  • The O-Shot uses PRP (platelet rich plasma) that is injected into the vaginal area to rebuild tissue. This treatment helps improve urinary symptoms and bladder leakage, sexual sensitivity, increases lubrication and even helps conditions like lichen sclerosis.
  • Topical, Non-Hormonal Creams and Oils are occasionally a possibility for some women. At Age Management Center of New England we can work collaboratively to find out what the best treatment options for you would be.

If you’re unable to use hormones but are experiencing hormonal symptoms – we can help you start living a pain and leak free life again! Contact us today (207) 774-1356 today to schedule your free screening.