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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Program

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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Program

Hormone replacement therapy is the preeminent treatment option for addressing hormone deficiencies and imbalances and eliminating the host of negative effects caused by suboptimal hormone levels. Age Management Center of New England offers a range of leading hormone replacement therapies, providing patients an effective, medically driven solution with a personalized approach.

Your anti-aging therapy program is a highly specialized and customized process that consists of four phases.

The Process

1. Pre-Consultation Screening

During this free, 15-30 minute session, held in person or via phone, our trained healthcare provider will:

  • Review your medical history and any health issues or concerns you may have.
  • Discuss your health goals.
  • Make certain you have no conditions or other circumstances that would preclude you from being eligible for treatment.
  • Answer any questions you may have about hormone replacement therapy.

2. Laboratory Testing

An extensive blood analysis is the foundation for any sound hormone replacement therapy program. This is a simple, quick process, but is critical for enabling our doctors to understand your current hormone levels and then determine the specific medications as well as the optimal dosages needed to get your body to “optimal”.

The Age Management Center works only with nationally recognized, CLIA-certified laboratories in order to ensure the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of patient test results—regardless of where the test is performed. Our staff will assist with ordering and monitoring the blood tests.

3. Lab Review & Developing Your Hormone Replacement Therapy Program

Once we receive your lab results, we will schedule you for a comprehensive 1.5–2 hour consultation. This consultation will include a:

  • Physical exam.
  • Review of your medical and family history.
  • Review of your diet, lifestyle and exercise habits.
  • Discussion and explanation of your lab results.
  • Discussion and explanation of any metabolic imbalances and/or hormone deficiencies.
  • Recommendations for medications and nutraceuticals (vitamins and supplements).

Your hormone replacement therapy program is individually tailored based on your personal goals and medical needs. How extensive of a program you choose to undertake is entirely your decision and can be discussed in detail during your consultation.

Once a hormone replacement therapy plan is in place, our staff will assist you with obtaining all of the relevant medications, nutraceuticals and supplies. It is our goal to make your program as stress-free and easy to follow as possible, and our dedicated staff is expertly trained in making sure you have what you need to succeed.

4. Concierge Medicine and Continued Care

A comprehensive hormone replacement therapy program requires continuous monitoring and adjustments to medications and nutritional therapies may be needed as we see a balancing and optimizing of hormones. Regular lab work is therefore necessary so that our experts can analyze your levels and amend your program accordingly. Ongoing communication during your program and treatment is strongly encouraged.

That’s why the Age Management Center offers continuous Concierge Medical Services to patients to help them stay on top of their wellness journey and HRT program. The Concierge Medical Services are available for a set annual fee—also billable on a monthly basis—and include:

  • Unlimited scheduled follow-up exams.
  • Individualized treatment management.
  • Program discussions via telephone and email.
  • Support ordering medications and supplies.
  • Scheduling of follow-up lab tests
    Blood draws, laboratory fees, medications and nutraceuticals are not included in the annual Concierge Medicine Service fee.

Once a year, a comprehensive program review and exam will be required. This will be an additional, one-time annual fee, plus the cost of any required lab tests.

Please contact our office for more detailed pricing information.

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Primary Care Physician Role

The Age Management Center is not involved in managing your routine heath care or acute health conditions. It is mandatory that you have a primary physician for your ongoing health care needs.



The Age Management Center only works with quality pharmacies that specialize in the unique skill of compounding the best bioidentical hormone therapy medications.


Health Insurance

The Age Management Center does not accept insurance. However, we can provide you a medical bill and a copy of your clinical records for documentation with your insurance company or for tax preparation purposes.

Some patients may have success in obtaining at least partial reimbursement from their insurance carrier. Since our anti-aging center is a medical practice, check to see if your services qualify for coverage under your health savings plans.

Book a Free, Confidential Screening

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss any questions you might have or to get you started on your Hormone Replacement Therapy program.

If you are suffering from symptoms of hormonal imbalance or deficiency, contact us today to find out how hormone replacement therapy can help.

Hormone Therapy Treatments

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men


Traditionally people believed that as men begin to age, their hormone levels decline as a result. However, medical research now shows that in fact the opposite is true.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women


Estrogen imbalances and hormone deficiencies cause women to experience a range of undesirable symptoms and physical changes in the body. 

Hormone Pellet Therapy

Hormone Pellet Therapy

With hormone pellet therapy, a small pellet is implanted in the skin to provide the body a steady supply of hormones. At Age Management Center of New England, we offer this treatment to help patients overcome hormone deficiencies and symptoms and live as well as they can for as long as they can.

LGBTQ & Trans Health

LGBTQ & Trans Health

We respect the diversity of each person’s lived and chosen gender experience and want to be part of your hormone journey. We want to help find the optimized balance of hormones that work for you as a unique individual.

Adrenal Fatique

Adrenal Fatigue

The Age Management Center of New England specializes in anti-aging medicine and hormone replacement therapy and has helped a host of patients recover from the challenging condition of adrenal fatigue.

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