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Welcome to Age Management Center

The Age Management Center is an anti-aging alternative medicine clinic with offices in Portland, Maine and Jupiter, Florida. We specialize in medically supervised Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and anti-aging therapy for men and women seeking treatment for Adult Hormone Deficiency Syndrome and other related hormonal imbalances.

Natural hormone therapy is more commonly known as HRT (hormone restorative therapy) or BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy). This includes replacement of the body’s normal age related declining hormone production in both men and women, which may include testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, thyroid and others.

At the Age Management Center we offer a wide variety of treatments and services that can help minimize the negative aspects of the aging process. Our trained anti-aging doctors personally meet with each client to identify their individual goals, needs and concerns. They then design an Age Management Program specifically for each client. As the doctor states, “we have no standard protocol. Everyone is different and requires individualized evaluation and treatment.”

Do you need anti-aging therapy?

Take a minute to ponder these questions:
  • Are you tired and lacking the energy to enjoy life?
  • Are you irritable, having brain fog and decreased memory?
  • Are you having difficulty maintaining muscle or losing fat?
  • Do you want to look and feel younger?
  • Do you want increased libido and sexual energy?
  • If you answered “yes” to these questions, anti-aging therapy may be just the answer.

As we age, the endocrine system output changes and many of the important hormone levels in the body normally responsible for maximum health, wellness, and quality of life, progressively decrease, often to dangerously low levels. Replacing those declining hormones to more optimal levels help to keep us feeling young and vital. Hormone replacement therapy can also help with many of the undesirable symptoms associated with the “normal aging processes” such as peri menopause, menopause and andropause (male menopause). These conditions can be modified, improved or even reversed with quality age management evaluation and treatment. Anti-aging and Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a fast growing medical specialty whose primary focus is identifying and treating disease processes before they manifest and at the same time enhancing quality of life.

Anti-Aging Therapy Goals

Our goal is to help our clients achieve optimal health and wellness by providing a personalized program that includes low glycemic diet, exercise, life style alterations, nutritional supplements and most importantly, bio identical hormone replacement therapy. As a valued client, you will experience the life altering positive effects of anti-aging therapy and quickly experience optimized energy, stamina, sexual capacity, skin quality, memory, cognitive capacity, physique, bone strength and better moods. Our anti-aging clinic staff would be happy to answer any questions you might have so don’t hesitate to contact the Age Management Center today. Each day you wait is a day lost…

Real Patient Testimonials

I couldn’t have done it without you!

When I came to Dr. Bedecs I was experiencing anxiety, depression, fatigue, loss of libido, and more. While no other doctors were willing to help Dr. Bedecs did. The other doctors just wanted to put me on an antidepressant and be done with the matter, however that never seemed to do the trick. With the help of the age management center I feel more like my old self and continue to feel better as treatment continues. At the age management center your opinion matters to them. They treat you the way you’d like to be treated by a doctor. I would recommend anyone suffering symptoms such as the ones I mention give the age management center a try. You won’t be disappointed. Without there help I would never feel as good as I do now! – Justin C.

I am spec-tac-ular! Thanks again!

I wanted to tell you how much Dr. Bedecs has changed my life. I have so much of my spare time (and my life) exercising and working out. I have always been pretty fit but I have always felt SKINNY. A friend told me about the Age Management Center. After I became a patient, Dr. Bedecs made some adjustments with my hormone levels. I continued to train frequently but it got so much easier. I’ve gained well over 25 pounds of muscle and I couldn’t be happier. My self confidence has greatly improved. I finally have the body I always wanted (I actually have a six-pack!) thank you all so much.p.s., I look ten years younger. i feel twenty years younger. I am spec-tac-ular! thanks again! – Joe

I feel better already!

Thank you for helping me. My goal is to be an example to the rest of your patients. I will work very hard at transformation and will make you feel accomplished by helping me get there. It’s a two way street. We need each other to make this happen and I wont let you down. Have a great Christmas Season and your family. I feel better already! – Tim

Totally cool!

I was frustrated that I wasn’t able to increase the weight I was lifting at the gym over the past year. In the last sixty days, I have added approximately 25 pounds to my bench press and additional weight for all body parts. It’s really cool and I see the results, especially my abs which are popping up. The product has enhanced my vigorous work outs and I have seen the results. Totally cool! – Tom