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Winning at Weight Loss: Why managing your weight doesn’t have to be a struggle

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Winning at Weight Loss: Why managing your weight doesn’t have to be a struggle

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Happy young couple outdoor workoutEvery year, an estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet. I imagine that’s why, if you start to type in “How to” on Google, “how to lose weight” and “how to lose weight fast” are two of the top search results.

But while losing weight is clearly top of many peoples’ minds, many are also struggling to find a solution that actually works.

March is National Nutrition Month, bringing two of my favorite health topics into the spotlight: healthy eating and exercise. While you might hate to hear it, a healthy diet and exercise are critical to losing weight—and keeping it off.

But if that gives you a feeling of dread or déjà vu, PLEASE KEEP READING. There is hope.

In my experience, when people fail at their attempt(s) to lose weight and keep the weight off, it’s because they haven’t had a tailored approach or personalized support in that journey. Perhaps they’ve tried hitting the gym and it didn’t produce results, or they dropped a bunch of pounds but the strict diet simply didn’t fit their lifestyle. They might have even tried a weight loss supplement they found at the store, but the promises on the label were far loftier than the reality of what they delivered.

The common thread throughout all of these scenarios, is that they didn’t take the critical first steps of understanding what their body needs in order to see real, lasting results.

One of the most important first steps in creating and adhering to a weight management program is understanding your metabolic health and medical background. That means reviewing risk factors or limitations you might have, and even evaluating how your hormones may be keeping you from being able to drop pounds. These are steps many people can’t take effectively on your own.

Then, we have to understand your personal goals, concerns and challenges.

Only with this complete picture can we create a plan that will work for you. That means:

  • Foods that nourish and fulfill your needs
  • Exercise routines and suggestions you will enjoy
  • Supplements and other products to aide your journey
  • An expert to weigh in on your progress, with constructive advice on how to succeed

Blonde lady with beautiful body walking on the beachOur wellness and weight loss programs are designed to help men and women take back control of their bodies no matter where they are in their weight loss journey, and it all begins with a free, no-commitment screening.

We also work closely with our partner company, Cosmetic Enhancement Center, who offers complementary body sculpting services for those that have already dropped the pounds but have stubborn fat, sagging skin or muscle groups that no amount of gym time can tone.

If you’re ready to get started and schedule your free screening, contact us today. And through April 15, if you join a Healthy Lifestyle Program you can enjoy discounts on some of Cosmetic Enhancement Center’s most popular body contouring services.