IV Drips

Get to know one of the latest advances in Regenerative Medicine: IV Nutritional Wellness!

It’s simple: Intravenous (IV) Nutritional Wellness is a series of supplemental therapies shown to have powerful, positive effects on promoting health, wellness, longevity and quality of life. Also referred to as infusion therapy or intravenous therapy, IV Nutritional Wellness promotes overall wellness and helps prevent sickness. It may also be an effective option for people already suffering from illness or metabolic imbalances that have not responded to other therapies or conventional forms of treatment.

In conventional medicine, providers generally focus on treating and managing acute and chronic illnesses. At Age Management Center, we challenge this way of thinking. Why not take the right steps to enhance wellness and boost your body’s regenerative capabilities and immune function before the decline ever starts to set in?

Our proactive approach to wellness and disease prevention aims at addressing issues before they arise and giving chronic sufferers a new chance at wellbeing.

With the use of IV therapies, we are able to enhance and encourage healing and regeneration in the body so that our patients can achieve optimal health, age as well as possible and most importantly, maximize their quality of life.

We are now offering a menu of intravenous therapies including NAD+, Glutathione, Vitamin C and Myers Cocktail.

Brain Boost

NAD+ or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a co-enzyme found in every living cell in our bodies. NAD+ has multiple functions, including turning nutrients into energy and maintaining healthy internal organs and neurological systems. As we age, NAD levels drop substantially. In recent years, supplementation of NAD has become increasingly popular as studies suggest its profound regenerative effects in countering the aging process.

Some providers feel that NAD+ IV infusions can be a powerful aid assisting in addiction recovery, optimizing fitness levels and in supporting overall neurological health.

Detox & Beyond

Glutathione (GSH) is a powerful antioxidant made up of three amino acids produced in the liver. GSH production can be adversely affected by things such as toxins, chemicals, certain genetic variants, diet and lifestyle. The regenerative medicine community has been discussing the benefits of optimal GSH for years. Optimal levels of GSH may have a positive impact on immune support, deliver antioxidant effects, provide relief of respiratory symptoms, assist in recovery for athletes and even enhance DNA.

Energy Boost

Vitamin C infusions, as simple as they sound, offer an incredible amount of benefits for our bodies. Whether you’re under a great amount of stress, are feeling fatigued or simply want to prevent illness and infection, Vitamin C is an ideal therapy. Thanks to a medley of reasons, our immune systems can, and often do, weaken over time. IV Vitamin C has the ability to boost immune function and may help in fighting against acute or chronic bacterial and viral infections. Vitamin C can also improve collagen production—restoring that desired plumpness to our skin—and boost the integrity of joints and muscles. This is a great overall infusion for improving immune function, increasing regeneration, enhancing anti-aging properties and supporting both athletic and cosmetic goals.

Myers Cocktail – the “hangover helper”

Myers Cocktail is an infusion of vitamins and minerals designed to deliver powerful nutrients into the system. This infusion includes multiple B vitamins, minerals and Vitamin C. The treatment can be useful to patients that are interested in boosting their immune system, reducing fatigue, addressing chronic conditions, resolving digestion issues and even fighting infections. Performance athletes have turned to the Myers Cocktail for its ability to hydrate, replenish and restore the body after high levels of physical exertion and athletic performance.

The Myers Cocktail has also been called a "hangover helper" for its ability to help a body replenish and re-hydrate after a night out.

If you’re interested in treating a specific condition or simply want to take the right steps toward optimizing your health, contact us today to see which IV infusion could be best for you.