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Age Management Center Welcomes Renowned Physician to Medical Team

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Age Management Center Welcomes Renowned Physician to Medical Team

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Maine’s Leading Hormone Optimization, Age Management and Regenerative Medicine Center Welcomes Marc Demers, MD to Portland Office

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PORTLAND, Maine, June 26, 2023 —The Age Management Center of New England, Maine’s premier hormone optimization, regenerative medicine and age-management practice, announced the addition of Marc Demers, MD, FACS, FSSO to its Portland-based medical team. Dr. Demers, who trained at Maine Medical Center and the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, brings his decades of experience in patient care to the centers’ already leading team of medical specialists – further accelerating the quality and breadth of services available to patients in Maine.

“Marc has spent many years helping patients at their absolute hardest points in life and has gained unique insight into the pivotal role hormones play in the male and female body, especially how shifts in this delicate equilibrium can greatly impact patients’ overall wellbeing,” said Michael Bedecs, D.O., founder and medical director of Age Management Center. “Marc brings expertise, empathy and experience to his role here at the Age Management Center, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have him onboard with us, helping men and women of all ages optimize their hormone health, take control of age-related wellness changes, and enhance their quality of life.”

After graduating from medical school at Boston University, Dr. Demers completed his general surgery training at Maine Medical Center where he became particularly drawn to cancer surgery and related research. After completing a fellowship in surgical oncology at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, one of the largest cancer centers in the world, Dr. Demers worked for 20 years as a renowned surgical oncologist at the Orlando Regional Medical Center in Florida.

During his tenure in Orlando, Dr. Demers established the centers’ distinguished breast care center, which still thrives today. He was responsible for the care of countless women with breast cancer, as well as people with tumors of the endocrine system – thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands, and pancreas. His familiarity with the effects of hormones on the human body, and their manipulation in both men and women, has been central to patient care throughout his entire career. Dr. Demers returned to Maine in 2020 as a breast cancer surgical specialist until his recent change in professional direction which brought him to the Age Management Center.

Demers’ personal health philosophy involves all the areas in which we have control as individuals: exercise, diet, sleep, emotional health and medications. Dr. Demers follows the teachings and insights of Dr. Peter Attia: That by optimizing all of these factors, we have the greatest opportunity for lengthening our lifespans, and as importantly, our health spans. Helping patients to understand the impact of this approach, and how to implement it within a busy lifestyle is part of Dr. Demers’ goal in working with his patients at the Age Management Center.

“Working with Age Management Center feels like fate – it provides me the opportunity to bring a lifetime of skills to bear for men and women who hope to make their own lives better.”

Dr. Demers has a special connection to the region. He was raised in nearby Massachusetts and growing up frequently visited his extended family in Maine.

About Age Management Center of New England

The Age Management Center of New England was established in 2006 by owner and triple board-certified physician Michael Bedecs, D.O. Today, the center operates out of a state-of-the-art facility at 1945 Congress Street in Portland, directly across from the Portland Jetport.

The clinical team consists of highly-trained providers that work with men and women seeking age management therapies as well as regenerative, functional and natural hormone replacement therapies including the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and human tissue allografts. Patients receive individualized therapies and treatment options designed based on their individual needs. The ultimate goal of the practice is to address the undesirable symptoms often associated with the aging process and improve patients’ overall quality of life. The Age Management Center is helping patients optimize their health, improve their quality of life and promote overall longevity and vitality.

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