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Age Management Center Welcomes New Women’s Health Provider

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Age Management Center Welcomes New Women’s Health Provider

Anita Nicholson will focus on women’s health, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, integrative medicine and cardiovascular wellbeing

PORTLAND, Maine, March 1, 2021 — The Age Management Center of New England is expanding its women’s health, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and integrative medicine services with the addition of Anita Nicholson, MSN, FNP-BC, APRN, to the practice’s leading provider team. A highly skilled nurse practitioner with more than two decades of experience in medicine, Nicolson will focus primarily on women’s health at Age Management Center, treating patients through a whole person approach including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, with a special interest and training in integrative medicine and cardiovascular health.

“I’ve spent years helping patients after they’ve already experienced health issues, like heart attacks, and I decided I wanted to be able to help them further upstream in their wellness journey to potentially avoid these issues in the first place,” said Nicholson. “By helping women understand their hormonal composition, their underlying health issues, and setting goals for where they want to be, we can help them live their best, healthiest lives for as long as possible.”

Nicholson received her Certificate in Integrative Medicine from the University of Arizona—a renowned program for medical professionals looking to empower and support individuals in optimizing their health and wellness.She holds a Master’s in Science Nursing from the University of Southern Maine, graduated from the Nurse Educator Academy at John Hopkins University, and received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and completed the Critical Care Nurse Academy at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. Nicholson also served as an Army Medic for the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve for six years.

“Anita was a natural fit for our practice because she is passionate about helping patients optimize their health by looking at the bigger picture, and doing so early and proactively,” said Dr. Bedecs, triple-board certified physician and owner of Age Management Center. “Her vast experience in cardiovascular health is also a strong compliment for our practice as we help patients learn about and stay on top of heart health through their wellness journey.”

The Portland, Maine-headquartered Age Management Center is a leading regenerative, functional and integrative medicine practice focusing on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and women. Prospective clients interested in learning more about optimizing their health and wellbeing are encouraged to call to schedule a free screening with one of Age Management Center’s expert providers.

About Age Management Center of New England

The Age Management Center of New England was established in 2006 by owner and triple board-certified physician Dr. Michael Bedecs. The clinical team consists of highly-trained provider, Dr. Michael Bedecs. Age Management Center works with men and women seeking anti-aging therapies as well as regenerative, functional and natural hormone replacement therapies including the use of Stem Cell therapy. Patients receive individualized therapies and treatment options designed based on their individual needs. The ultimate goal of the practice is to address the undesirable symptoms often associated with the aging process and improve patients’ overall quality of life. The Age Management Center is helping patients optimize their health, improve their quality of life and promote overall longevity and vitality so patients can live as well as they can for as long as they can.





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