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How Integrative Medicine Can Help Treat Metabolic Disorders

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Metabolic disorders, from hormone imbalances to vitamin deficiencies, are extremely common. As we age, imbalances come to the forefront and complicate existing health issues, such weight and adrenal fatigue. To address these intersecting health complications, we use a technique called regenerative and integrative medicine.

Combining Treatments for Holistic Health

In many cases, treating metabolic disorders can holistically restore a patient’s mental and physical health. Getting a patient’s metabolism back in balance is the first step in the journey towards health and wellness. Our approach to stabilizing metabolism is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, in conjunction with medical-grade vitamins and supplements.

Holistic health treats a patient’s emotional, mental and physical issues all at once. Our ultimate goal is to enable your body to activate its natural abilities to heal and defend you. We integrate the best technology science has to offer, such as laboratory testing, medical-grade pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, along with time-tested vitamin, mineral and botanical therapies and nutrition therapy.

Our Whole-Patient Approach

Each person’s metabolism and body are unique to them, and that’s why each treatment program is tailored to individual needs.

As part of our anti-aging therapy programs, we start each patient out with a free consultation to learn more about their individual health issues and wellness goals. From there, we get lab work done to identify any kind of metabolic or hormone disorder that may be present. We look at family history, personal history, diet, exercise, and lifestyle factors to determine the best course of action. Once that’s done, we can identify any imbalances, and craft a tailored treatment plan.

If it’s time for you to get your body back in balance and slow down the aging process, contact us at Age Management Center of New England. Our offices are in Portland, Maine and Jupiter, Florida, but we can work with patients nationwide.