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Hormone Therapy for Men: Addressing Andropause and Low Testosterone

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Hormone Therapy for Men: Addressing Andropause and Low Testosterone

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Men who have low testosterone levels can experience an array of symptoms that affect their physical and mental well-being, ultimately having a negative impact on their quality of life. One of the most common reasons for low testosterone in male patients is a condition known as andropause, which occurs due to an age-related decline in natural testosterone production.

At the Age Management Center of New England, triple board-certified physician Dr. Michael Bedecs and his team of highly trained physicians and medical providers specialize in helping men resolve unwanted symptoms of low testosterone with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), so they can feel and function at their best again.

Understanding Andropause and Low Testosterone

Andropause typically affects men over the age of 50. Though sometimes referred to as “male menopause,” it is unlike menopause in women, which involves a well-defined period in which hormone production stops. Instead, andropause is characterized by an incremental decline in hormone levels.

Low testosterone (Low T), or testosterone deficiency, is not always related to aging. Testosterone deficiency may also be the result of obesity, certain medical conditions, injury to the testicles, and beyond.

Men with low testosterone levels—regardless of the cause–can find themselves subject to a range of symptoms that disrupt wellbeing and everyday life, including fatigue, mood swings, decreased muscle mass and endurance, increased body fat, difficulty concentrating, reduced libido, and declining sexual performance.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a leading treatment for andropause and male hormone imbalance. TRT aims to restore testosterone levels to an optimal range to alleviate symptoms associated with low testosterone.

Benefits of TRT for Andropause and Low T

TRT can offer numerous benefits, such as improved energy levels, enhanced mood, increased muscle mass, more endurance, and restored sexual function, not to mention implications for heart health. However, it’s essential to approach treatment with a comprehensive understanding of potential risks and side effects. A thorough exam, medical history intake, comprehensive labs, and ongoing monitoring by a qualified healthcare professional are crucial for optimal treatment outcomes.

Our Approach to Treating Low T with Hormone Therapy

While there may be commonalities in symptoms, every individual’s experience with low T and/or andropause is unique, which is why every patient at the Age Management Center of New England starts their treatment journey with a free screening with one of our hormone optimization specialists. This appointment allows patients to learn about what a program entails and share their own goals, so they can decide if HRT is right for them–all without a cost or commitment.

From there, we will execute a comprehensive lab test, and our medical provider will complete a medical exam, review the patient’s medical history, medications, and symptoms. Only with this wealth of information will we then begin to outline your ideal, individualized approach to treatment.

Additionally, our specialists understand that addressing male hormone imbalance can involve more than just hormone therapy. From regenerative medicine for joint pain, to sexual health services for ED, to weight loss programs, we work to help men feel their best, and most confident.

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If you think you’re experiencing symptoms of andropause or have concerns about low testosterone, contact the Age Management Center in Portland, ME today to schedule a free screening. Our dedicated and highly qualified medical providers are here to help you gain a deeper understanding of your condition and create a treatment plan that aligns with your needs and goals.