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How Vitamins and Supplements Can Improve Your Well-Being

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How Vitamins and Supplements Can Improve Your Well-Being

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Part of successful age management is providing your body with the right vitamins, minerals, and supplements to counteract aging and the vitamin deficiencies that often develop with age.

At Age Management Center of New England in Jupiter, Florida, and Portland, Maine, we treat our patients with a comprehensive approach to aging that creates individualized treatment with customized hormone replacement, exercise, and diet — including specific, pharmaceutical-grade prescribed vitamins that are based on each patient’s needs.

They’re sometimes called nutraceuticals, because they act as both nutrition and healing for your body, along with other food supplements and vitamins. Your body uses these vitamins and supplements to nourish and restore itself in a completely natural fashion that helps protect against the effects of aging and puts you in a better position to resist age-related diseases.

Often, as we age, we have less energy, lower fitness levels, and decreased moods. Vitamins can be targeted to any specific deficiencies in how your body processes nutrition and fights aging, with the help of our skilled and experienced physicians.

The Nutraceutical Difference

Unlike the average vitamin found on store shelves, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins with ingredients that are manufactured to a high standard of purity. Compounded into oral vitamin doses, they can correct nutrient deficiencies efficiently and keep your body working in top form while keeping you from getting ill due to lack of needed vitamins or nutrients.

The link between balanced, adequate levels of vitamins in your system and ability to protect against disease and aging is well-established. As we age, we tend to develop vitamin deficiencies, which contribute to decreased overall health and wellness. Often, these deficiencies are troublesome to correct with dietary changes, which is where supplemental vitamins come in. Taking nutraceutical vitamins that are calibrated to your needs by an experienced doctor counteracts the deficiencies and signs of aging.

Integrative Medicine

At Age Management Center of New England, we believe in an approach to integrative medicine, using natural tools and cutting-edge medicine alike to help our patients reach their best mental, emotional and physical health. We use these tools to get the body in optimal shape to heal itself from age-related and other damage:

  • State-of-the-art laboratory testing
  • Clinical nutrition protocols
  • Pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and minerals
  • Botanical and nutraceutical therapies
  • Prescription medications, in some cases

These tools, used together, not only improve your well-being and quality of life, they can restore your health to a higher level and get rid of disease symptoms and age-related difficulties like fatigue, vitamin deficiency, and hormonal imbalance.

Our medical staff can help you find out more about age management and the vitamins and supplements we can use to help you deal with various age-related issues and the possible underlying vitamin deficiencies. Contact us anytime at our Maine or Florida offices for a consultation appointment.