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Lose Weight Through Integrative Medical Science at Age Management Center

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As we age, our bodies slow down their normal, growth, repair, and nutrition processes, making weight management extremely difficult.

Whether you’re struggling with age-related weight gain or a misaligned diet and exercise plan, there are many options available to help you meet your weight loss goals. Specifically, many adults coping with unwanted weight fluctuations seek physician-guided nutrition counseling and integrative medicine.

The important first step is working with a trained physician to determine an integrated treatment plan that encompasses clinical nutrition, exercise, and high-quality vitamin, mineral, botanical and nutraceutical supplements. To craft a plan to unique to a patient’s needs, physicians will often conduct personalized testing to determine if there are any hormone imbalances that need to be addressed before making dietary changes.

How Weight Intersects with Metabolism

Unbeknownst to the patient, slowed metabolism is often the culprit of steady weight gain. To address this, doctors and laboratory specialists can diagnose, test, and treat complex metabolic disorders. These metabolic disorders, if combined with hormonal imbalances and an unhealthy regimen, are a recipe for weight disaster. The key to success is assessing the full picture of how a patient’s body is operating and treating the causes of the problems, the just the symptoms.

For physicians that are familiar with bHRT and other holistic methods, the first step is a personalized metabolic consultation, followed by laboratory tests and bloodwork. From there, the doctor can work with the patient to outline a comprehensive treatment plan.

Whether you’d like to lose a stubborn 10 pounds in the midsection or slim down your whole frame by 100 pounds, it is crucial to determine and treat the underlying cause of the weight issues.

A Lifetime Approach at Age Management Center of New England

At Age Management Center of New England, we treat the patient holistically, with a keen focus on hormone balance and vitamin supplements. We also work with our clients to tailor diet, exercise, and integrative medicine protocols to improve all their health and wellness goals.

In addition to working with our patients on weight fluctuations, we also focus on hormones related to aging, LGBTQ, and much more. We’re here to support or patients and help them conquer each and every goal, no matter how tough they may seem.

If you’d like to find out more about the metabolic and health factors that are preventing you from losing weight or causing weight gain, please contact us anytime at Age Management Center of New England. We look forward to hearing from you!