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Thyroid Disorders

An improperly functioning thyroid can lead to a host of undesirable effects on hair, metabolism, memory, mood and more. Thankfully, addressing these symptoms may be as simple as boosting thyroid function and optimizing thyroid hormones in the body.

Thyroid Disorders in Portland, ME

Who can have thyroid problems?

Have you ever wondered whether or not your thyroid is working properly? You’re not alone. In fact, one in eight women have a thyroid disorder, and 12% of the American population as a whole suffers from thyroid disease.

What are the effects of thyroid issues?

The thyroid is the master coordinator of one’s metabolism and the effects of thyroid hormones are far reaching. Thyroid hormones can impact everything from mood to digestion, memory, skin, hair, weight and even cardiac health.

Opinions vary when it comes to managing and measuring thyroid function. But the doctors at the Age Management Center of New England take a regenerative medicine approach to thyroid management that focuses on optimizing hormone levels and thyroid gland function. Our medications are prescription bioidentical hormones that work just like your own thyroid hormones should, were they working at optimal levels. We also use high-quality vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements to maximize your results.

Why does the thyroid cause problems?

There are many reasons why thyroids under or over function – and sometimes doctors themselves don’t even know why. In functional medicine there are many theories about the cause of hypothyroidism, from gluten intolerance to leaky guts to environmental chemicals. In many parts of the world, under-functioning thyroids are a result of nutritional deficiencies, especially iodine. In developed countries like the United States, the most common cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition where the body attacks and destroys the thyroid gland.

What is the solution?

At Age Management Center, we will work with you to understand the cause of your thyroid issues and treat the underlying problem. We use comprehensive blood testing to evaluate and monitor thyroid hormone levels, including TSH, T3, and T4. If needed, we can order more advanced laboratory studies to further diagnose the root of the problem while simultaneously treating the symptoms to help you feel better.

To learn more about treating thyroid disorders and to determine your best treatment options, contact us today. We’ll help you schedule your initial consultation so that you can start to overcome your thyroid disorders once and for all.