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Early Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

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Early Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

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If you are able to get and maintain an erection, you may think this blog post isn’t for you. However, the truth is that many men have erectile and sexual optimization issues that can lead to bigger issues down the road if left untreated. Here are some common signs that can point to erectile dysfunction:

  1. You have high cholesterol and/or blood pressure. It’s no surprise that a healthier heart means a healthier sex life. High cholesterol and blood pressure can be early warning signs of ED. If your recent lab results show elevated levels, it may be time to discuss your sexual health implications with a medical professional.
  2. You started taking antidepressants. Sexual side effects are common complaints with antidepressants. This is caused by the rise in serotonin levels in the body, which causes a sense of calm, but can also lower libido.
  3. You have trouble maintaining an erection. You may still be able to initiate intimacy without a hitch, but if maintaining an erection throughout sex is difficult, it may be an early sign of ED.
  4. You don’t think about sex as often. If the things that used to rev your sex drive aren’t working anymore, it may mean your testosterone levels are low. Other symptoms of low testosterone are reduced energy, muscle mass and weight gain.
  5. You don’t sleep enough. Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc in many ways. It can make you lose focus at work, feel stressful or anxious, and it can also lower your testosterone levels. This in turn can affect your sex drive.
  6. You have swollen, tender gums. Recent research has shown that there is a relationship between chronic gum disease and erectile dysfunction. In the study, 53% of the men who had ED also had chronic periodontitis.
  7. You use over-the-counter ED meds often. Over using medications such as Viagra or Cialis can cause dependency issues and increase the risk of ED.

If you have started to notice a decline in your sexual health and performance, there are options out there. Thanks to the latest medical breakthroughs, there are treatments available that use high frequency acoustical waves to improve blood flow. If you are looking for an alternative to ED medications, give the Age Management Center of New England a call at (207) 774-1356. Our screenings are always free.