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HRT and fitness: What this combination really means

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HRT and fitness: What this combination really means

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Fitness is a passion of mine. It always has been. I feel “off” if I don’t get some exercise daily. And I know many of you can relate.

But as I’ve gotten older, my workouts have become less of a sport and more of an insurance policy to help make sure I’m doing my part to stay healthy. Beyond cardiovascular health, regular exercise helps our bodies stay strong enough to fight infection, keep a healthy metabolism, maintain better balance and bone density, and keep up with our kids and grandkids. No active person likes sitting on the sidelines!

Unfortunately, this often where I see a disconnect. I meet healthy, active people every day who are having trouble with their endurance, can’t get the tone they used to, don’t have the same energy or motivation they once did, or aren’t nearly as strong as they think they could be. Even when they’re working with some of the best trainers in town.

If that sounds like you, it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. In fact, quite the opposite. You’ve probably got the right recipe, you may just be missing a key ingredient.

Adult Hormone Deficiency Syndrome (AHDS) is a condition that affects both men and women and can set in at any age – we have patients as young as their 20s and well into their 80s. And AHDS can lead directly to many of the symptoms I just mentioned.

In a study on postmenopausal women, there were “clear benefits” of HRT on regulating muscle performance, not to mention metabolic advantages. Data suggests that without proper estrogen, muscles are more prone to injury, and regrowth is more limited. “…data suggest that HRT is beneficial for postmenopausal muscle mass and function, but that HRT together with exercise improves muscle mass and function more than either HRT or exercise alone.”

What’s more, data points to the fact that testosterone treatment in hypogonadal men may help improve mood and energy while reducing fatigue and helping them stay motivated to stick to a diet and exercise plan. In my experience, it also helps enhance muscle mass and sex drive—and not just for men, but women, too!

So what does this mean for you?

First, make sure you have a fitness routine that works for your needs.

“Fitness is more than just working out – it’s about living vibrant, energetic and happy lives,” says Jason Reed, co-owner of The Body Architect on Portland’s East End. “To have a successful wellness journey, it takes a holistic approach to exercise and nutrition, listening to your body and taking a mindful approach to your fitness and functional training. That’s why we have cultivated a team of experienced and caring trainers invested in the success of their clients. Our experts will widen your horizons, giving you new techniques to stay energized, uplifted, and on track with your goals. That’s also why we offer private and semi-private training, with month-to-month memberships at any level for maximum flexibility.”

Jason and his team are currently offering Age Management Center of New England patients a special offer* during their Grand Re-opening, which includes a complimentary Starting Point introductory session with a senior trainer and semi-private training session, 20% off the first three months of membership and 50% off three 60-minute massage treatments to use within three months.

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Whether it’s personal training, jumping on your Peloton or walking along the beach (when Maine weather allows!) regular exercise is a key element of a healthy lifestyle.

Second – get your hormones tested!

If one thing’s clear, it’s that wellness and optimized hormones go hand-in-hand. The process for a hormone replacement therapy program begins with a completely free screening, with zero commitment, and is followed by a comprehensive blood panel where we test for more than 60 lab parameters to understand your hormone and metabolic health. We will then provide a detailed consultation and physical exam to help you understand ways to optimize your health, and we create a customized plan to help get you living as well as you can. I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say this can truly be life changing, and in some cases life-saving.

You can read more about how the program works on our website, or we’d be happy to chat with you personally to discuss your needs.

Ready to schedule your free screening? Send us an email or give us a call today.


BA logo tri-color*This Body Architect offer is capped at the first 75 new members, so if you’re interested in participating, they suggest reaching out soon to schedule your tour or Starting Point session. Remember to mention that you heard about the promo from the Age Management Center of New England to receive the above-listed discounts.