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IV Therapies aren’t as simple as “drip cocktails” – here’s why

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IV Nutritional Wellness therapies are just that, therapies. These therapies, which have been prescribed and administered by medical professionals for more than a century, have shown to have powerful, positive effects on health and wellbeing. Depending on the type of therapy, the benefits may include immune system support, hydration, a boost to collagen production, antioxidant effects, enhanced regeneration…the list of benefits are as positive as they are diverse.

But precisely because of their effectiveness, many entrepreneurial minds have begun to explore “new” IV concepts to see how they can capitalize on this medical innovation. Perhaps you’ve heard of mobile IV units in Las Vegas, or you’ve walked past a “drip bar” nestled among cocktail bars in your city boasting expert IV mixologists. I understand their appeal for many consumers. And by no means can we group all of these together, some are run with a medically driven approach with professional, experienced nursing staff. Still, as a medical professional, when IV therapies are marketed as anything but a medical therapy* it makes me feel uneasy.

For many of us in the healthcare community, we believe IVs should be treated as what they are—a medical therapy. That means they should be positioned and administered as such. There are many reasons people turn to IVs, and a big night out is surely one of them. However, no matter your reason for seeking IV therapy, the scientific considerations that go into developing the IV are still extensive and calculated. In some cases, a select number of our IV therapies even require previous bloodwork to ensure that the therapy is indeed right for the individual patient.

IV Wellness Therapies are not complicated for the patient by any means. It is an easy, pain-free procedure, and many people find the process relaxing, opting to bring a book or watch a show on their phone while the treatment takes place. Some people even double-up their time, getting a treatment in while they’re making work calls or responding to emails. Plus, they often walk away enjoying immediate effects of their treatment, like a positive boost in energy.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t complicated therapies in terms of the back-end work and research done by the team administering them.

My point? I wholeheartedly believe in the power of IV therapy. I administer IVs for our clients nearly every day of the week and the results I have seen first-hand throughout my career are astounding. But not all IVs are created equal. So if you’re interested in IV therapies, do your research on who will be treating you. And if you have any questions, know we’re always here to help answer them.


*Note: the Myers Cocktail is an official name for an IV Wellness therapy developed by John Myers, MD. Therefore, the official name “Myers Cocktail” is used at our practice and many other medical practices across the country for that specific therapy.