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As people grow older, their mental, physical, and emotional health can begin to dramatically decline. Many individuals accept this decline as a natural part of life, and never seek out treatment to improve their daily quality of life.

At Age Management Center of New England, we believe our patients deserve better than that. Our primary goal is to help every individual at our practice live as happy and healthy of a life as possible. To achieve this goal, our practice offers a variety of age management services that can help clients maximize their mental, physical, and emotional health at any age.


Concentrating, solving problems, and recalling memories can become more and more difficult with age. This can lead to small, daily inconveniences, like losing your keys or having trouble calculating your waitress’s tip, but may eventually lead to more serious, pressing concerns.

Many times, this mental decline can be attributed to reductions in certain hormone levels, particularly testosterone. While testosterone is often thought of as a “male” hormone, a decrease in a woman’s testosterone levels can cause her to experience sharp declines in cognitive processing. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a simple way for both men and women to balance their hormone levels and improve their mental aptitudes.


As people age, many of them report feeling less energetic and physically capable as they used to be. This feeling is caused by measurable changes that occur in muscle mass, body fat, joint flexibility, and aerobic capacity as people age. Like mental decline, many of these physical changes can be attributed at least in part to changes in hormone levels that occur with age. In this case, bio-identical hormone therapy can help both men and women improve their overall health and fitness.

Reduced sex drive or difficulty having sex can also become a pressing matter as both men and women age. For our patients having difficulty enjoying sex to the fullest, we offer P-Shot and O-Shot injections.


Mood swings, depression, and anxiety become more common as people grow older. While these feelings are sometimes caused by the challenges people face in their later stages of life, they are often triggered by the hormone fluctuations common later in life. Bio-identical hormone therapy can help regulate these hormonal changes, stabilizing and improving overall mood.

If you’ve experienced a significant mental, physical, or emotional decline as you’ve aged, the first step towards feeling better is realizing that you have the power to improve your quality of life. Age Management Center of New England is proud to offer our patients in both Portland, Maine and Jupiter, Florida access to comprehensive treatments that can improve nearly every aspect of their wellness. If you’d like more information about any of these treatments or are interested in scheduling a consultation appointment, contact us today!