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The Importance of Vitamins and Supplements to Your Overall Health

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The Importance of Vitamins and Supplements to Your Overall Health

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Vitamins, minerals and supplements are the building blocks of your body, whether that’s muscles, organs, bones, skin, new cell growth, good circulation, mental or emotional health. Everything we eat and ingest affects our bodies and overall wellness.

That is why we at Age Management Center of New England are so enthusiastic about helping our patients with anti-aging and hormone replacement therapies! We know that by introducing the appropriate vitamins and supplements to a patient’s regimen, we are setting them up for continued success.

Why They Matter

Nutraceuticals, which include medical-grade vitamins, minerals, supplements, botanicals and other integrative medicine therapies, provide your body with the necessary tools to heal and protect itself against lasting damage. If you are already suffering from unwanted metabolic changes, such as accelerated aging or hormone imbalances, our doctors can develop individualized plans to help you get back on track. If you are trying to prevent future age-related deficiencies, we can recommend other nutraceutical products to aid in that goal.

As your body is provided with the right building blocks, it begins to create a stronger foundation for all other functions, such as mental health, bone health, circulatory health, immune health, and digestive health. Our patients find that having the right nutraceutical supplements helps fight symptoms of aging, and supports hormone balance.

While we recommend a vitamin and nutrient-rich diet to all our patients, we also understand that it is near impossible to consume the number of natural vitamins needed to correct underlying metabolic problems. That’s where evidence-based nutraceuticals and supplements come in. In combination with anti-aging therapies, our patients find better overall health and life balance and increased energy – even with age.

What We Do

How we accomplish our goal of bringing your body back to its optimal health is by balancing hormones, and supplementing your lifestyle with minerals, herbs and vitamins. We believe that everyone benefits from an improvement in hormonal and metabolic health, and that these approaches both treat underlying disease and prevent future medical conditions.

An individualized treatment for each patient means customized, precise doses of just the right supplements or vitamins for your needs. The program we design takes into account a patient’s diet and exercise regimens that fit their ability, age, medical history, and health needs.

We see patients from our two offices in Portland, Maine and in Jupiter, Florida, but also consult and coach patients nationwide. Contact us anytime to schedule your free consultation.