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The O-Shot for Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

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The O-Shot for Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

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As a woman, your body goes through the wringer over the years. Physical changes are brought on by pregnancy, fluctuations in weight and aging. While you expect to see noticeable changes in your appearance over time, you never thought there would be problems with your vaginal health. However, you can experience distressing symptoms that can truly make you uncomfortable.

A loosening of the vagina, incontinence and discomfort during intercourse are typical problems experienced by women who have been affected by vaginal changes. To reverse these symptoms, the O-Shot® procedure provides women with a non-surgical alternative for vaginal rejuvenation. This could be the solution for you.

What is the O-Shot®?

The O-Shot® involves the use of platelet-rich plasma to revitalize the tissues in the vagina. The PRP is created by taking the patient’s own blood, spinning it around in a centrifuge and then incorporating other enriched growth factors. The solution is then skillfully injected into certain areas of the vagina to give it the boost it so desperately needs.

The procedure is quick and does not require the use of any type of anesthetic. You can immediately resume your normal everyday activities once the procedure is over. Some patients experience immediate results, but the full effects usually aren’t noticeable for several weeks.

What are the Benefits of the O-Shot®?

Whether you have noticed changes in your vagina, such as dryness and incontinence, since pregnancy, or there has been a lack of sensitivity in your vaginal tissues as part of the aging process, the O-Shot® provides you with an alternative that is not invasive, so you can avoid surgery in such a delicate area.

After the O-Shot® injection, you will experience a tightening that will actually make you feel rejuvenated. Sexual intercourse will finally be enjoyable again, and you may even experience a stronger orgasm. This simple procedure has even proven to solve the problem of stress incontinence.

Find Out More About How the O-Shot® Can Help You

The O-Shot is a treatment option currently done by request at our Portland Aesthetic Practice – Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England by Dr. Maria Atkins and Dr. Gerry Ollila. You need to take charge of your body. If your vaginal health is causing problems, you can do something about it. This non-invasive procedure can give you the boost you need to feel better.