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The Right Time to Start Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

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The Right Time to Start Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

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As a woman, you are used to riding the rollercoaster of hormones in your body. The journey began when you reached puberty and you’ve dealt with monthly fluctuations ever since. If you experienced pregnancy, your hormonal changes were even more extreme. Nothing prepared you for the approach of menopause. You’ve begun to experience all of the symptoms that everyone has been warning you about. Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain and vaginal dryness are making your life miserable. The same holds true for men going through andropause; erectile dysfunction becomes your friend while sleep, weight and mood swings become your enemy. Fortunately, you can do something about it. Bio-identical hormone replacement can help you to start feeling like yourself again.

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy All About?

As you approach menopause or andropause, your reproductive system is preparing to shut down. Your hormone levels will begin to drop. In some cases, these fluctuations are more severe than others. If your symptoms are having a major impact on your life, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help.

It’s designed to bring your hormones back into balance through the use of bio-identical hormones that have the same makeup as your own hormones. They are based on natural substances, such as soybeans and yams. Since they match the molecules in your body, they are accepted by your body without uncomfortable side effects that come with animal-based and synthetic hormones.

When Should You Start Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

If you are struggling with symptoms of menopause or andropause, you should begin your replacement therapy as soon as possible. Your reproductive hormones are responsible for more than your reproductive system. They play a part in regulating your cholesterol levels and your metabolism. They also affect how your body uses calcium. You can help to keep your bones healthy and strong by being proactive. Once you begin your bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, your hormone levels will be brought back to where they should be and you will begin to feel better.

How Do You Begin Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

In order to begin bio-identical hormone replacement, you need to start with our doctor, who will perform a physical evaluation, review your medical history and talk to you about your symptoms. A blood test will also be taken in order to monitor the hormone levels in your blood.

If our physician finds that you have noticeable deficiencies, bio-identical hormone replacement can be prescribed. You and our doctor can discuss the best method for you. Your hormone levels will be monitored regularly to make adjustments in your replacement therapy as needed.

Discover More About Hormone Replacement Therapy

Don’t let your symptoms get the best of you. Visit Age Management Center of New England and discuss your symptoms with our experts. We can work together to find the right bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for you. We have locations in Portland and Jupiter. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.