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Using Integrative Medicine to Combat Food Allergies

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Using Integrative Medicine to Combat Food Allergies

Young sick upset woman suffers from choking and cough from allergic reaction from peanut

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Our approach to chronic conditions like metabolic disorders, hormone imbalances, allergies, and food intolerances is simple, if not easy: At Age Management Center of New England, we believe in using a whole-body, or integrative, medical understanding to heal.

While we encourage everyone to find out how they can benefit from our well-regarded and innovative treatments for adult hormone deficiency, often, wellness starts before that, by balancing and correcting diet, exercise, lifestyle and all aspects of mental, emotional and physical health.

Food Allergies

Food allergies are a rising concern for both adults and children, and a big part of that is dietary imbalance, other chronic illnesses that affect the gut, and a widespread lack of understanding about how our bodies actually function to digest and use the food we eat.

Correcting underlying problems such as ineffective digestion, chronic infection or inflammation is where we start to heal food allergies. Drs. Wright and Bedecs are experienced in using evidence-based medicine, nutrition, hormonal treatments, botanical medicine, and natural alternatives to create holistic treatment protocols for food-allergic patients, whether they are also struggling with other health issues or not.

We’ll examine you and administer tests for allergic reactions and toxicity that can cause reaction or sensitivity, suggest dietary restrictions or realignments if needed, or recommend detoxification processes to help rid your body of chemicals, metals and other unhelpful substances that can impair gut function and overall health. Don’t worry– there are no needles! Our allergy screening is done with a biofeedback tool called an electrodermal scanner.

How We Can Help

An integrative medicine approach to combating difficult food allergies is multi-pronged. For instance, we use cutting-edge laboratory and allergy testing to begin with. Then, we combine a personalized clinical nutrition program with medical-grade pharmaceutical vitamins, botanicals and nutraceuticals based on your body’s individual needs.

Natural supplements like inflammation-reducing bioflavenoids, amino acids to help heal the gut, herbal remedies to help digestive function, and natural fiber to help gut bacteria grow and balance all are possibilities when treating food allergies. Traditional prescription medications may also be a part of treatment, depending on other conditions and your medical needs.

We also can help with dietary changes such as elimination or rotation diets to manage your food sensitivities, as well as allergy elimination techniques to help your body change its reaction to the allergy-causing substance.

We always design each patient’s treatment with an eye toward integrating all aspects of health, from physical to mental. Our goal is to rid you of bothersome symptoms, and improve your quality of life to the best it can possibly be. We see patients across the U.S. from offices in Maine and Florida, so feel free to contact us, wherever you are.