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What Are Peptides and How Can They Help Me?

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What Are Peptides and How Can They Help Me?

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Peptides are groups of amino acids that bond together to form proteins, which are responsible for millions of functions in the body. You may be familiar with them in various cosmetics, promoting regeneration, but what if you could use Peptides internally to achieve healing, repair and regeneration for a variety of issues?

The good news is – you can! Peptides have been around since the 1920’s when insulin was first discovered to help diabetes. Since then, formulations and use have grown exponentially.

In this blog post, we go over everything you need to know about Peptides!

What do you use peptides for?

There are many uses for them. Orthopedic surgeons use injections to promote tissue repair and pain relief.

Many people also use peptides to promote production of Human Growth Hormone, without the dangerous side effects of directly injecting HGH into the body. Human Growth Hormone promotes muscle growth, fat loss, cognitive improvement and overall recovery and repair. These same combinations can also help improve sleep issues.

They are now being used to treat a variety of conditions that providers struggle to find long-term relief for:

  • Sexual Function
  • Weight Management/metabolism
  • Insomnia/fatigue
  • Muscle development
  • GI Issues including IBS, Chron’s Disease and Colitis
  • Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s
  • Depression and Anxiety/PTSD
  • Lyme Disease
  • Fibromyalgia

Since Peptides address immune function and improve inflammatory responses and neurological functions, many people are finding relief from diseases they once thought were untreatable.

How do you use peptides?

Peptides come in a variety of forms such as nasal sprays, oral capsules, and creams. Injectables are not only the most common form, but the most effective way to get Peptides into one’s system.

Each peptide has its own dosing, schedule and length of use which is individualized to the person using them and the goals of the treatment.

Where can I get peptides?

It is very important to work with a reputable provider to learn about peptides. A reputable provider will use a compounding pharmacy for preparation of peptides as compounding pharmacies are regulated by state/federal laws and mix each batch to a specific standard and dose.

At Age Management Center of New England, we determine what would be best for you, prescribe a course and monitor your progress during treatment. Depending on the patient, lab tests may or may not be done prior to use to help determine a plan and monitor improvement.

Are Peptides Safe?

They are safe to use but educated prescribing is vital. Like any medication or treatment, peptides can have risks, side effects and contradictions. For example, some may be avoided if the patient has a history of melanoma. For this reason, it’s important to look for a provider who has knowledge, experience and includes a comprehensive medical history before prescribing.


At Age Management Center of New England we are excited to offer comprehensive, individualized care to our valued clients. If you’re interested in learning more about Peptides and what they can do for you, call today to schedule your free screening to see how we can help you live your best life yet!